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We offer a variety of different packages providing Wedding Planning and Wedding Day-Of Coordination services (yes, there's a difference between both of those!). We work in the San Antonio, Austin, and Texas Hill country areas! For more details of our wedding services please watch our free, short, informational videos below, and don't forget to Request a Quote!


Bride on a Budget Events offers multiple packages to fit the needs of our lovely Couples. From day-of coordination, to full wedding planning assistance, we can tailor our services to your wedding with unparalleled care and attention to detail.

Watch our short informational videos to learn more about our unique wedding services and read our FAQ section as well!


Wedding Planning + Day-Of Coordination

Our Wedding Planner is your wedding sidekick. She will keep you on track throughout the planning process, all while organizing your budget, and being the main point of contact with vendors. She will look over contracts and even help you negotiate for the lowest price. Your Wedding Planner will have a reliable list of vendors to recommend, and will also assist in bringing your Pinterest board to life. She is also available 24/7 to answer any wedding questions you may have, and will put together a super-detailed Wedding Day Timeline that's a minimum of 10 pages. This package also includes everything in the Day-Of Coordination Package.

Day-Of Coordination

Our Wedding Coordinator will be the Executive Producer of your wedding day. This package is most similar to the "Month-Of" Coordination from other companies, because about 30 days from wedding day,  our Coordinator will take charge of the trickiest part of the wedding planning process for you, and will contact all of your vendors, and begin creating an extremely detailed Wedding Timeline, your Reception Layout, and organize all of the logistics for the day-of. She and her assistant  will handle all of the vendors on wedding day, including all of the setup, breakdown, exit, and of course, your Ceremony and Reception. Your Wedding Coordinator will be on-call starting 8 am on wedding day to make sure that the Bride, Groom, Wedding Party, and Family can have a blissful wedding day.


My venue comes with a 'Day-Of Coordinator'. Why should I book another coordinator?

The wedding venue coordinator vs wedding planner debate is a tricky one, especially as many more venues now come with a day-of coordinator. One thing to keep in mind is that a venue day-of coordinator does not work for you. Their priority is the workings of the venue, and most venue coordinators do not have prior wedding coordination experience outside of the venue. It has been shocking for us to find that many venue day-of coordinators in the area have not known how to create a detailed 11+ page timeline, nor have they shown to know how to create a logistics schedule, and they also have not been reaching out to the Couple's vendors beforehand. This shows that they are not trained professionals, and "became" day-of coordinators when they were hired at the venue. Lastly, it is important to remember that a venue coordinator will only answer the phone or email during the venue's business hours, while an outside wedding coordinator like Bride on a Budget Events will answer you 24/7, when you need help the most.

Can I afford a wedding planner or day-of coordinator?

Depending on your budget, it may *seem* smarter to try to do as much wedding planning on your own. However, booking unreliable vendors or contracting them at a price that is (unknown to you) too high may prove costly in the long run. At Bride on a Budget Events we offer low monthly payment plans to bring you excellent service and peace of mind, at a price you can afford.

What can YOU do that free websites like WeddingWire and The Knot can't do for me?

Many Couples try to save money by using free websites like WeddingWire and TheKnot to perform much of their wedding planning or wedding vendor research. However, due to the high cost of advertising on these sites, wedding vendors ranked highly on these sites will be the most expensive in your area. Bride on a Budget Events takes pride in providing honest working knowledge of many wedding vendors of all price points, and has dedicated time to building relationships with them, allowing for special discounted pricing and exclusive packages offered only to our clients. That is something that no website can provide.

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